Review: Synology DS413 Network Storage Drive

4-bay NAS drive with muscles

Synology make some top class NAS drives.  I’ve reviewed several of their home models before and they’ve all scored highly.

This is the first of their office models that I’ve taken a good look at, and it’s been interesting.  On the face of it the DS413 is just a beefed up version of one of Synology’s home drives, but there are some subtle differences.  Read on to find out more.



The DS413 has a very nice look and feel to it.  It’s certainly a lot more reserved than some of Synology’s other 4-bay models, such as the DS411j.  The matt black finish of casing contrasts well with the high gloss front fascia panel, and it shouldn’t look out of place in any office environment, or living room for that matter.  Build quality looks and feels very high.


On the front panel you’ll find the power button and LED, a status LED and individual LEDs for the four hard disks.  There’s also a 3rd USB port (this one only rated to USB 2.0).

To the rear of the device you’ll find the power connector, twin USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, Gigabit Ethernet, a Kensington lock hole and twin 80mm cooling fans.


The front panel of the DS413 can be removed easily to reveal the hard drive caddies.  It’s only held in with foam rubber mounts, but it still feels secure.  It’s a strange decision to not include a more permanent fixing, but I guess it allows users to quickly and easily swap out hard disks, which is a plus.

The hard disk caddies themselves are held into the chassis with retention clips, which makes swapping out disks a simpler affair than on some other devices.


As with some other Synology drives, you can mount either 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard disks in the caddies, which gives you some options when it comes to noise levels and power requirements.  In this case it’s kind of moot point though, the DS413 is designed for office environments, so performance and capacity are more important, and that means 3.5″ drives.

If you do opt for 3.5″ drives (as most users will) then each caddy includes rubberized mounts which should cut down on noise levels from vibration.



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