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How many websites are there in January 2014?

The net contracts for the first time in ages

As of Janaury 2014 there are around 861,379,000 registered host names, which is an increase of around 350,000 compared to December 2013.

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However, the number of active websites recorded in January 2014 actually contracted by around 4 million to just over 180,000,000.

Alexa web rankings place Tech Made Easy at around the 260,000 mark worldwide, whilst we hover at around 12,000 for UK traffic, which is a tremendous boost to my ego.

It’s worth pointing out that the exact number is difficult to quantify, literally thousands of sites open and close every single day. ┬áThe majority of which will probably relate to new businesses vs. closing businesses, as well as personal weblogs.

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  1. Don’t know about you but I think 180,000,000 active websites seems remarkably low especially compared to the registered domains!

    We should all stop what were doing & open domain parking services :)

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