A CAD mockup of the design by Jan-Pieter Delport

LED Cube Gallery!

Show off your LED cubes!

About a year ago I published a guide on how to put together a 4x4x4 LED cube using an Arduino Uno.  That post has quickly become the most popular post ever on Tech Made Easy, with about 300 page views per day, even after a year.

Recently a reader called Dipak got in touch and sent me a picture of his cube, and suggested that TME feature a gallery showing other cubes built using my guide, so here you go!

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13 thoughts on “LED Cube Gallery!”

  1. Did you write the actual code that runs the cube or just the animation? Just interested because every time I see that piece of code, that is all over the web, someone else lays claim to actually writing it rather than just writing an animation for it, Nice write up regardless. Pedro.

  2. Can you give me this circuit diagram because i am not understand ; is arduino can blink 64 leds without using any external supply

  3. I did it and it is very good thanks for that can you snd me other code 4×4 cube like as rain its ya some other code and now i want to be 8× 8 Cube please give me instruction about that and thanks again

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