Check the safety of a website with ScamAdviser

Peace of mind while browsing

It’s a pretty safe bet that the websites of most major companies are completely legitimate and safe, but if you stumble across a website you’ve not seen before then it couldn’t hurt to check out whether or not it’s safe to use.

One way to check if a site is likely to be safe is by using a site like ScamAdviser to check whether or not any site is legitimate.



You don’t even need to visit the site first in order to check it, just head over to ScamAdviser’s home page and type the URL of the site you want to check. ¬†Within a few seconds you’ll get a summary report on the site, including the location of its server, whether or not it’s ranked by Alexa and whether anyone has reported any issues with it.

You’ll also be able to see WHOIS information, which will detail who owns the site and when it was registered.

Of course, a positive reading from this site won’t 100% guarantee that a site is safe, but it does offer you peace of mind and a reasonable assurance that the site is safe.

6 thoughts on “Check the safety of a website with ScamAdviser”

  1. I think, we should not believe on, i am trying to reach them since long time regarding false positive but nobody reply.

    1. Unfortunately it seems that the only people complaining about ScamAdviser seem to be disgruntled site owners.
      My personal experience has been that ScamAdviser is accurate, though I accept that some of their criteria probably need changed slightly to stop “false positives”.

  2. well u gave the company , autohauswulfingkroth 93% SAFE , was actuallu unsafe , because there was no company with this name , but there was a gang from Romania stealing moooney from customers , i lost my moooney tooo .

    1. Hi Kamal, to be clear; Tech Made Easy is not responsible for results from Scamadviser – we simply published a story advising people of its existence. We take no responsibility for your unfortunate loss.

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